TDK Boombox updates old-school style, still rides on a shoulder

tdk boombox updates old school style still rides on a shoulder

This new TDK Boombox ($499) combines the retro novelty of the boombox with sophisticated audio and a stylish modern form. The boombox features a dedicated, high-excursion 6-inch sub-woofer driver as well as two 6-inch coaxial drivers to deliver premium sound quality. The front also includes a control panel with touch-sensitive buttons and an equalizer to add a visual element to whatever tunes you are blasting. The boombox also allows for streaming from your iPod or iPhone (while also charging it) via its USB outlet. The included USB, RCA, 3.5mm, and instrument inputs allow for various other playback capabilities. The boombox can run off of wall power, but if you want to carry this thing around on your shoulder (comfortably with the padded aluminum handle), you are going to have to go old-school and find a dozen “D” batteries.