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From perfect tunes to perfect temps, tech can set the mood on Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it, it’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is a fine holiday for celebrating either your partner or the fact that you are free from past regrets who shall not be named. Whether you plan to spend the night in full-on sexytime mode or hiding out from all the sappy, happy couples, we’ve got a few things to get your bedroom ready for the occasion.

Docking Drawer (prices vary)


Apparently too much phone time is ruining your love life, so for heaven’s sake, put that sucker away for night at least. If you still need to charge it, the Docking Drawer lets you keep in the nightstand and juice up, so your eye doesn’t wander every time you get a email. And for those boycotting the holiday, with your phone is out of sight, you won’t be tempted to respond to any drunk texts.

Docking Drawer

Dyson AM05 Fan Heater ($400)


Yes, it’s expensive, but Dyson’s Hot + Cool Fan Heater is pretty awesome because it can warm you up or blow a chilling breeze over you. You might need the former if you plan on stripping down, and the latter for after your extracurricular activities. For those sleeping alone, it can also keep the room toasty enough that won’t want a snuggle buddy.


DT Valentine’s Day Spotify playlists

Glorious Valentines Playlist for Maximum Sexytime I hate Valentine’s Day

Digital Trends put together a couple Valentine’s Day playlists to represent its divisiveness: a list of sexy songs and one for people who hate this holiday.

Braven LUX water-resistant Bluetooth speaker ($100)


Speaking of music, if you want to bring Boyz II Men (aka, the unofficial soundtrack for Valentine’s Day) into the bedroom with you, your phone speakers just won’t do justice to Michael McCary’s baritone on I’ll Make Love to You. A nice Bluetooth speakers will make sure you’re covered, whether you’re crooning to love songs or screaming along to your breakup mix.


Philips Hue lightstrip plus ($90)


Setting the mood for sultry is easy with a spectrum of colored lights at your fingertips. There are lots of color-changing LEDs on the market, but you can strategically place light strips more effectively. A soft glow in a warm color is way more romantic (and flattering) than a harsh, bright overhead light. Solo? Use an app like Ambify to sync them with your music for your own personal dance party.


Lutron Serena motorized shades (prices vary)


Your neighbors probably don’t care what your up to in the wee small hours of Valentine’s Day night, so keep those blinds closed. And if you can avoid flashing everyone by shutting them from your bed via your phone, all the better. Partied a little too hard at your Galentine’s Day fête? These will help shut out the cruel, cruel sun, too.


Cooper Cooler rapid bottle chiller ($80)


Buckets of ice can help keep a bottle of bubbly chilled, but if you decide to crack open a second one and didn’t plan ahead, a beverage chiller will bring it down to temperature. You don’t want to drink something that reminds you of fizzy bathwater.


Planika PrimeFire remote-controlled fireplace ($1,990)


Fires are cozy and romantic, but getting all the supplies and assembling them is a pain. If you have a few thousand dollars to burn, no pun intended, then a remote-controlled fireplace is really the way to go. Mad at your ex? Throw all his or her handwritten letters in! Just kidding. Don’t do that. We’ve all seen that Friends episode.


Kohler VibrAcoustic + BubbleMassage Combination Hydrotherapy Bath ($8,000)

Carrie and Aidan. Monica and Chandler. Mindy and Danny. If TV has taught us anything, it’s that bathtubs are the perfect place for couples to drink champagne, light candles, and get romantic. It’s especially nice if your ensuite bath is equipped with a tub that delivers targeted heat and air bubbles into the water. Kohler’s model also has concealed speakers that send out sound waves for a massaging effect. If you’re alone, there’s just more room for you to find your perfect position with respect to the air jets.


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