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Teleport Ride: No other e-bike comes close in range, power, and speed

Teleport Ride e-bike product image
Teleport Ride

One of the major concerns with e-bikes, or electric bikes, is that many have a reasonable range, but they still pose limitations on your ride — between 30 to 60 miles per charge. If you want to travel longer distances, you’re going to need to plan out your entire trip to make sure you have somewhere to charge the battery. It’s not like you can’t use e-bikes when the battery dies; you can still keep pedaling, but that negates access to an electric option. But what if there was an e-bike equipped with self-charging technology? As you ride, it stores kinetic energy, converting it to electricity to keep the battery charged. That’s what Teleport Ride’s regenerative braking technology does in its innovative e-bike.

When you pedal, glide, or brake, it recovers the kinetic energy built up by the bike and converts it to electricity. It’s the same technology used in modern electric vehicles. But it also ensures that you can travel up to 100 miles or more with no issues. The regenerative braking and supersized battery — to store more power — keep the electricity topped up. That way, you can ride further and faster than ever before, thanks to a 28-mile-per-hour top speed. That’s not all this futuristic e-bike has to offer, though. Let’s take a closer look.

A super-lightweight, aerospace-grade frame sets the foundation

Woman carrying Teleport Ride e-bike
Teleport Ride

The heavier the bike or frame, the more power is required to keep it moving. It’s basic science, right? But at the same time, heavier materials tend to be sturdier. That’s not always true, but it’s still relevant here. Why? Because the Teleport Ride e-bike is composed of a super-lightweight and aerospace-grade aluminum frame. It keeps the entire bike more maneuverable and aerodynamic and takes less power to propel by proxy. Yet, that’s still achieved in a tough and durable format with a versatile bike that can handle almost any terrain.

The unique design also hides the electronic parts to keep things stylish but also gives you a quieter ride. It pairs nicely with the whisper-quiet Sine Wave controller, Gates Carbon Drive Belt for quieter, smoother rides, and an Italian leather saddle and grips — the latter providing extra comfort. Hydraulic disk brakes ensure reliability and on-point braking, and an integrated OLED display will show you all the information you need to know, including top speed, battery life, and more.

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Let’s pedal back to the self-charging technology

Teleport Ride e-bike dash view
Teleport Ride

The design is excellent. The hardware is lightweight, quiet, and reliable, and the frame is premium quality, to say the least. But the real star of the show is the self-charging technology that gives the Teleport Ride its impressive longevity each time you take it out for a spin. Even with a 750-watt powerful rear hub engine, the Teleport Ride can last for up to 100 miles or more. That can be attributed to two features: The self-charging regen braking technology and the supersized rechargeable battery.

The battery holds more electricity, if you will, for longer rides anyway. But while you’re riding, you build up kinetic energy that’s being converted into electricity by the regen braking system, which in turn charges the battery. Pedaling, braking, and gliding at speed will all charge the battery during your ride. You don’t have to stop, plug it in, and wait for it to charge. It charges on the fly, on the road.

That powerful motor offers enough power to get you through a particularly dull stretch of road, up hilly terrain, over tough, even ground, and much more. It assists you while riding to lessen the amount of effort you have to put forth. You can relax and enjoy the ride, no matter where or what you’re riding over. The insane 80Nm torque rating with 28 miles per hour top speed adds to the Teleport Ride’s versatility — imagine dominating even the steepest of hills you’ve ever traversed with ease.

Teleport Ride: It can go the distance

Teleport Ride e-bike with long range
Teleport Ride

Whether you want a smooth, relaxing ride or you want to push yourself on a long, strenuous journey to get some solid exercise, the Teleport Ride should be your main vehicle of choice. No other e-bike offers the range, power, and speed Teleport Ride does. You could keep going and going with this beast, like a certain energetic bunny.

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