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The first Canadian reseller for Tesla Powerwall home battery packs is in Toronto

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Tesla sells its electric cars directly. That’s not the strategy for  the company’s Powerwall home backup systems, however. And now, Tesla has chosen a new company, Mpower Energy Solutions, as its first third-party sales outlet in Canada, according to Electrek.

Mpower Energy Solutions, a recently started enterprise in Toronto, is the first Telsa Home Energy authorized reseller. Mpower’s website features the Tesla Powerwall only. Its site says only, “Website coming soon,” and the current single page is a placeholder.

The current Mpower site also serves as a capture page. “Get on the List, Learn how Mpower Energy Solutions, featuring the Powerwall, is delivering smart and sustainable energy to Canadians. Be the first to find out how this sleek technology can be yours.” Visitors are encouraged to provide their name, email address, and postal code in order to “Become an Insider.”

So far Tesla has authorized resellers in the U.S., Switzerland, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, U.K., South Africa, New Zealand, and, now, Canada.

It would be safe to assume that the reseller network is being set up more for future products than for the current, and first, Powerwall version. Very few Powerwalls have actually been sold and installed in the world, according to Electrek.

Tesla has already announced the next Powerwall version is in the works, with production of the original pushed back. “We are heavily production constrained. We’ve got our next generation technology and we are trying to get up that production line so it’s gonna be heavily concentrated in Q4 and primarily in November and December,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier this month.

According to Electrek solar power is not popular in Canada, except perhaps in Ontario. If Canadian Powerwall sales weren’t going to be hooked to home rooftop solar panels, though, the battery pack’s secondary application as a home backup system could still be handy.

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