The DT3 – Our top new albums for October 19

the dt3 our top new albums for october 19 oct

Each week the Digital Trends staff selects three albums that we think you should know about. Not in-depth reviews, just passing on some music we like.

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the dt3 our top new albums for october 19 come around sundownKings of Leon – Come Around Sundown

This album is the much-anticipated follow-up to 2008’s Only By The Night, which sold over 6 million copies and catapulted these Southern rockers into mainstream success. While the album is lacking the contagious hooks of the previous album, Caleb Followill’s scruffy, dazed voice and the band’s catchy guitar riffs still take the main stage.

For fans of: The Strokes, The Killers, The Kooks

the dt3 our top new albums for october 19 earth vs pipettesThe Pipettes – Earth vs. The Pipettes

Sweet Brit-pop group The Pipettes is back with their sophomore release and more guilty pleasure pop tunes to please your ear. Their sound is cute and chorus-heavy, referencing the matching-dress girl groups of the fifties with a touch of ABBA-like Scandinavian pop influence.

For fans of: Camera Obscura, Lily Allen, Kate Nash

the dt3 our top new albums for october 19 panda bearPanda Bear – You Can Count On Me

Animal Collective member and Panda Bear one-man show Noah Lennox is back with a limited edition (only 500 copies) 7” single of two songs, “You Can Count On Me” and “Alsatian Darn.” The former is a slow, harmonized, hazy jam and the latter a more beat-heavy, dreamy song that is typical Panda Bear.

For fans of: Animal Collective, Atlas Sound, Deerhunter