Collapse this food container to store it, then it springs back into shape when you need it

Naturally, Pinterest is filled with ideas for storing your Tupperware. You can put it inside other containers, hang racks, put lids in shower organizers… You get the idea. it’s a common problem, but one man thinks he’s found the solution in fold-up containers.

The FoldFlat containers are made of dishwasher-safe, microwavable, BPA-free plastic. More flexible than typical Tupperware, it actually collapses in on itself into a flat package. You can then nestle it into the lid, so they stay together in the dark recesses of your cabinet. Or on the bookshelf — the compressed container should take up less space than many of your cookbooks. (It’s about 0.82 inches when flattened and stuck together with its lid.) When you’re ready to store something, you remove the lid and springs back into its container shape, sort of like what happens with a stress ball.

Though the container looks pretty shallow in pictures, the finished product will have 54 ounces of capacity, be 5.1 inches wide, 7.5 inches long, and 2.55 inches deep. That should be enough to fit your sandwich but maybe not a can of soda.

Creator Ben Strange enlisted help from industrial designer Mike Butler, who’s worked for GE Plastics and Proctor and Gamble. “Few other products in our lives need a design overhaul like food containers,” Strange, an ex-British army officer, tells Digital Trends.

Right now, Strange and his team have quite far to go in their Indiegogo campaign. They’re looking for around $110,000 in funding, and all they have right now are prototypes. The money raised, if the campaign is successful, would go towards tools and fees to bring the product to life.

Right now, backers can get a single container for about $20. There is worldwide shipping, and FoldFlat hopes to have the finished product in your hands (or in your drawer) by April 2016.