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Full of beans: This jar automatically orders coffee when you’re running low

the fresh coffee jar makes sure you dont run out of beans smart
Few things give us a case of the Mondays liking waking up to find someone’s used all the coffee beans over the weekend and failed to replace them. To avoid such catastrophes, the Fresh Coffee Jar stores and measures your coffee using a smart inventory monitor. Think of it as a sensor designed to weigh your coffee on a periodic basis. This sensor interacts with a mobile app via Bluetooth and will give you a head’s up when your supply is running low, then ask you if you want more shipped to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, the app can tell when you’re at the store and send an alert that you need more coffee.

If you prefer a more seamless approach, you can tell the app to automatically ship a new supply once yours is dangerously low. Afterward, you’ll receive push notifications to let you know when the coffee has been roasted and shipped. It’s sort of like an Amazon Dash Button, but you don’t need to push anything to restock. The device sounds a bit like a coffee-centric version of the Neo Smart Jar, which promises to refill your favorite foods, as well as track your nutrition.

The device is designed to hold up to 16 ounces of coffee at once. Its creators are also working with a wide variety of roasters to ensure that its customers will have numerous types of coffee to choose from come refill time. Can’t make it through the day without at least four cups of brew? The service will allow you to order your preferred amount of beans each week.

A crowdfunding campaign will be launched in June 2015, and its creators expect to begin shipping out the Fresh Coffee Jar in time for the holiday season. A retail price has not been released as of yet.

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