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Want to wake up with Jeremy Clarkson? You can with hilarious Amazon Echo alarm

The Grand Tour
If you’ve dreamt of being woken up by Jeremy Clarkson, preferably when he’s joined by Richard Hammond and James May, then your wish is about to come true; but only if you’re the proud owner of Amazon’s Echo or Echo Dot wireless speaker and smart home device. The wake up call comes as a special alarm tone created in the name of promotion for the forthcoming show The Grand Tour, starring the trio, and exclusive to Amazon Prime.

The alarm is found inside the Alexa app, under a new category named Celebrity, and is a specially recorded alarm featuring all three of the former Top Gear presenters. It’s as you’d expect it to be. Hammond is the straight man trying to keep order, May instantly goes off on a tangent, and Clarkson gets the job done — with all the subtlety of his beloved hammer.

Amazon’s use of Echo, and the Alexa voice assistant, to promote The Grand Tour doesn’t stop with the alarm tone. Take some time to ask Alexa about her opinions regarding the team, because the responses are rather fun. According to Alexa, Clarkson spends his time asking her to insult Hammond and May, and she questions why James May drives so slowly. Most amusingly of all, Alexa says she really enjoyed Hammond’s performance in The Muppet Babies.

Interestingly, this may not be the only special alarm Amazon Echo owners will get to enjoy, seeing as The Grand Tour alarm tone is inside its own Celebrity category. Perhaps stars of other, popular Amazon shows will record their own in the future. We can see many being keen to have a Mr. Robot tone, for example. To find the tone, open the Alexa app on your phone, then go to Timers and Alarms, and tap Celebrity.

The first episode of The Grand Tour will be shown on November 18 and only for Amazon Prime subscribers. It’s a 12-episode run, which will be streamed weekly. Amazon has a three series deal with the three presenters, after they left the BBC following a row over a bust-up with a Top Gear producer.

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