The Indispensable Wallet for the minimalist photographer holds cards, cash, and SD cards

the indispensable wallet for minimalist photographer holds cards cash and sd holdfast photographers gear patrol

This great product we just discovered goes in the category of things that will make our life a little easier and more organized. We’re suckers for a well-designed simple wallet, and this one hits the mark and adds a fun tech spin. In the land of lost socks, pens, and chapsticks, there are probably more than a few lost SD or CF camera memory cards as well. Having such a small method of storage is great for many reasons, but they can be hard to keep a hold of if you don’t keep them in a special spot. What better spot than your wallet? The Indispensable Wallet by Holdfast ($45+) keeps things simple with beautiful leather and a folded design, but cleverly integrates pockets for your memory cards to help you keep track of them. 

The simple leather wallet has an outer pocket designed for holding your ID and most important credit cards, an inside pocket for cash and business cards, and two small pockets for your memory cards. As the HoldFast site points out, these small pockets could also be used for other things, like guitar picks, which also tend to go to the mysterious land of lost things. The memory card pockets can hold larger CF cards without a case, or smaller SD cards with or without a plastic housing. This wallet may be simple, but it’s handmade in the heart of the USA (Oklahoma, that is) from the highest quality materials, like your choice of American Bison ($65) or Kodiak Oil-Tanned leather ($45). This one wins points for its rustic styling and its practicality for the photographer. It’s a win-win.