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Brush aside: The Loogun provides an easier way to clean dirty toilets

Nobody actually enjoys cleaning the toilet, right? The brush gets filthy and smelly, and you leave yourself vulnerable to splashing. All in all, it’s pretty unhygienic.

A team of five London product designers, led by Calan Horsman and Henry Chamberlain, has finally figured out a way to simplify the dreaded toilet-cleaning chore. Enter the Loogun, a handheld, motorized device two years in the making that is so hygienic the company actually says your toddler can play around with it. The Loogun toilet brush sprays a powerful water jet into the toilet to remove all of the marks and grime. The device itself never actually touches the toilet, which makes it much more sanitary than other contraptions out there.

It runs on four AA batteries, so if you use it once a day, it should last you about nine months. Loogun comes with a water reservoir that can hold about 10 ounces, which the company estimates is enough for six uses. While you may still need a brush to do a weekly scrubbing on the toilet, the company says at least the bowl will be feces-free when you use it.

“I haven’t met a person yet who likes one so I set out to create a product that would make cleaning a lot less horrid,” said Horsman in a statement. Evidently watching the Loogun in action is unpleasant, so the company has created a simulation with Vegemite.

Loogun debuts on Kickstarter on July 4, 2015, and it will cost about $42. The team hopes to rack up $63,000 over the course of its 35-day campaign to help fund production costs for mass manufacturing (tools and molding for the 29 plastic parts and 19 custom metal parts).

Can we get some devices that take out the garbage and do the dishes? Maybe we should just call a cleaning service.

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