Attention, hipster foodies: This $47 machine makes yogurt, quinoa, and rice

the mini tim3 machin3 makes rice yogurt and quinoa cooker

Have you always wanted to make your own yogurt? And quinoa? Do you eat a lot of rice? Good news! There’s a machine that does all three.

Mini Tim3 Machin3 Rice Cooker AcceessoriesIf you have a sneaking suspicion you’ve heard of a similar machine before, it’s because 3 Squares had a Kickstarter campaign last November for the same machine. The company is back on the crowdfunding site with a smaller version of its Tim3 Machin3.

Instead of having a 20-cup, 4-quart capacity, the Mini is an 8-cup, 1.7-quart size. You can make as little as a half a cup of rice or cook up yogurt, oatmeal, or quinoa for one to three people, according to the company, which also claims the machine makes rice 29 percent faster than other cookers.

For the quinoa setting, the appliance toasts the grains before cooking. When you want to make yogurt, you can heat the milk, let it cool, and cook it without transferring to another pot. The machine also functions as a slow cooker with three settings (eight, six, and four hours, which corresponds to high, medium, and low). There’s also a steam function and included basket, so you can steam while you’re cooking other foods.

The appliance’s “Fuzzy Logic” sensor weighs your food and the temperature; based on the presets, the Tim3 Machin3 will adjust its cook time and heat so your food doesn’t burn or boil over.

The original, 20-cup version is currently going for $56 on Amazon. Early birds can get the Mini for $47. It comes with a rice-rinsing basket, stirring paddle, and a lid that fits the pot for leftovers. Right now, it’s only shipping to the U.S. and Canada, but it should arrive in time to be your favorite foodie’s Christmas gift.