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The new Wyze Plug is a voice-activated smart plug, no hub required

Seattle-based Wyze Labs, creator of smart home products, launched a new voice-activated smart plug. The Wyze Smart Plugs work with both Alexa and Google Assistant and features a compact design that allows two smart plugs to fit into one wall outlet at the same time.

Probably the most interesting feature, though, is that the new plug does not need a smart hub like Google Home or Amazon Echo for it to work. It connects to lights, appliances, fans and other items through a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. (The plugs are not able to connect using 5GHz networks, though.) Once connected to the home’s Wi-Fi, everything can be controlled via the Wyze app, including creating custom schedules and appliance groups. There is also a vacation mode that can turn on and off lights or televisions at random times so it looks like someone is at home to discourage thieves.

The new Wyze Smart Plugs can also handle more power than most smart plugs. Typically, smart plugs can only handle appliances and other electronics that use 10 to 12 amps of power or less. The Wyze plugs can take up to 15 amps, making it more versatile than other plugs.

You can connect multiple Wyze Plugs in one room through the app. This allows you to turn everything on or off with just one command or by tapping one button on the app, instead of needing to control each device individually. Each smart plus also features a manual on/off button, just in case you need it.

Motion control can be an added feature if the plugs are paired with Wyze Sense’s motion detection line. For example, if the motion detector notices that there is no movement in the room, it can use the smart plug to turn off lights automatically. The Wyze Sense detectors use If This Then That to connect with smart devices throughout the home.

The Wyze Smart Plug is sold as a pair for $15 and can be purchased on the company’s website.

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