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This smart lamp finds your phone, glows when you get alerts, and more

If you just use your bedside lamp to read before bed, it’s time for an upgrade. These days, lamps do more than just brighten up your room: The Pretty Smart Lamp can help you find your smartphone, and then some.

The lamp connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth. As soon as it recognizes the device, they are harmoniously synced. This means that if you ever misplace your phone, you can double-tap Pretty Smart Lamp to set it off and find it. But it does much more than locate cells that have gone missing. The Pretty Smart Lamp has beauty and brains with its Bluetooth capabilities, which allow it to communicate with other smart devices around your home. For example, you can program the lamp to adjust your smart thermostat when its sensors detect a dip in temperature.

The Pretty Smart Lamp development team has partnered with Yonomi, a developer that has made an app to link like-devices to each other around the house (Think “Internet of Things”). If you have an Android device, you can download the Yonomi app to start using the Pretty Smart Lamp to control gadgets around your house. An iOS edition of the app will be coming out this summer.

The making of a Pretty Smart Lamp Raffle

Finally, Pretty Smart Lamp has you covered in terms of lighting, too. The product has a light sensor that senses brightness and adjusts accordingly. You can also select various colors and lighting sequences to suit your mood.

There are several different lasered designs to choose from when you make a $66 pledge on the Pretty Smart Lamp Kickstarter page, including a cloud, polar bear, and human hand. However, there is also a Himalayan Salt Rock version ($91) and an alabaster edition ($119) if you’re going for a specific look. The Pretty Smart Lamp will begin shipping in late summer.

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