Tame your rumpled shirt pile with ThreadStax, a magnetic storage solution

Don’t tell my mom, but my laundry basket is basically my closet. Folding clothes is a thankless chore, because after a week, my T-shirt drawer looks like a tornado hit it anyway.

You know who feels my pain? Scott Mosmach. He invented ThreadStax, a pretty nifty clothing organization system for folded clothes. Neodymium magnets hold together stacks of “slides,” which are kind of like flat plastic shelves. You put a folded shirt, jeans, or sweater on each individual slide and pile them on top of each other, adhering the magnets to the bracket, which is attached to the wall. When you want to wear the sweatshirt that’s way at the bottom of the pile, you can easily slide it out without disturbing the rest of the pile. Yes, it’s probably something you can do without help if you have cat-like reflexes, but team at ThreadStax swear it’s practically impossible to muss up clothes piled up in the storage system.

You can stick the brackets to the wall or inside a drawer with Command strips, which are removable, or using screws. To make sure your tees are folded into stacks a Gap employee would be proud of (and because laundry-folding robots haven’t arrived yet), ThreadStax made a four-part folder. Place your slide on top (it attaches using its magnets), lay out your shirt (or pants, shorts, etc.), and flip three of the boards. Then you can add your slide to the top of your ThreadStax pile.

The closet-organizer launched on Kickstarter at the end of October and only has a few days to go. It’s already smashed its funding goal of $50,000 and is now nearly triple that. Fifty bucks gets you a full bundle, including seven slides, and if all goes according to plan, the ThreadStax should start shipping May 2016. The usual caveats about Kickstarter projects apply.

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