The Told U So super yacht is unfortunately-named but looks incredibly indulgent

Summer is coming, and if you’re one of the lucky people that get to spend it cruising in the deep blue sea, look no further than Benetti’s Told U So 145 super yacht to take you on one of the most luxurious experiences you can get off land.

Boasting as a luxury home away from home, the Told U So yacht is an exclusive creation of entrepreneur, hotelier, and designer Kirk Lazarus in partnership with the Italian firm Molori Design. The yacht features five sleeping cabins that comfortably fit ten guests, while the entire 145-foot length and three tiers accommodate up to sixty passengers for a cocktail or swimming party. The exterior is made with customized wood while interior design boasts the highest quality stones, fabrics, and antique accent pieces.

The living room alone features a soft leather sofa, retractable glass door from the dining area, and the sky lounge on the deck can be converted into a cinema at night with just a push of a button. Each major room is controlled by an iPad under crocodile-skin covers to set preferred lighting, temperature, and music. The Master bedroom suite also offers 180 degree views of the surroundings, with separate gender bathrooms for His and Her. The bathrooms are furnished with pearly white marble floors, a double sink, shower, and a tub. Don’t expect regular white bathrobes here: On the Told U So, guests can enjoy designer Missoni’s colorful striped robes and towels.

“It’s about instant ownership and the smallest details,” Lazarus says. “We’re redefining the essence of luxury.”

The sky lounge is of course, yet another beautiful feature on the Told U So. A large leather circle daybed allows for sunbathing and drinks while a plunge pool and a six-person jacuzzi tub sit below the third floor for a cooling dip. Hungry? An outdoor BBQ is easily accessible from the lounge, as well as a short walk to the kitchen and bar area. Water sport activities are also readily equipped on board for jet skiing, wake boarding, and diving. Lastly, an outdoor shower is nearby to let guests wash up from the day’s activities.

To personalize the experience, guests are also requested to send their photos so the 12 crew members on board can decorate the room with their pictures, making it seem like guests are stepping into their real home. More photos can also be taken after the yacht departs into the sea and crew members will replace the photos as the trip goes on. Though the entire space is brightly lit, mood lighting is also available to make the atmosphere intimate by nightfall.

It’s much easier to appreciate the extravagant design with photos, so we’ll leave you here to drool. If you’re interested in booking the oddly-named yacht for your next luxury vacation, visit the Molori Private Retreats official site for details and rates.