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The Ultimate Cutting Board turns your counter into a professional prep space

Believe it or not, the Ultimate Cutting Board is the fourth reimagined cutting board to come to Kickstarter in the last six months. There was the Frankfurter Brett, the ChopTainer, and the B. Sprout 2000, the last of which was specifically designed for slicing brussels sprouts and other round foods. The Ultimate Cutting Board has more in common with the other two, which turn the wooden surface into more of a prep area by attaching bins and other accoutrements.

Michael Motamedi, a former contestant on Masterchef Canada and owner of Toronto restaurant Parcae, created the board. Taking up some of the space on the top are two measuring cups for your chopped ingredients. There’s also a built-in stainless steel juicer. There are a couple drawers on the sides, one for knives and another where you can dump scraps. The device comes with a slot for a mandolin/grater, as well. It all fits within the board itself, which measures 20 x 16 x 1¾ inches, and which actually splits in two. That should make it easier to wash if you have a small sink, or let you use it as two separate serving surfaces.

Though Motamedi and his partner plan to start shipping the cutting board in April, there are a few design issues that they might address first. For one thing, the measuring cups aren’t flush with the board, so you have to pick them up instead of sliding them in. And some backers noted that the separation feature might lead to leakage if you’re slicing juicy foods.

The cutting board has already surpassed its funding goal of $37,449 on Kickstarter, and all the early-bird options have sold out. You can still order a board for $165, $55 off the eventual price. The usual Kickstarter backer-beware warning applies, and international backers should note there’s a pretty hefty price for shipping outside the U.S. and Canada.

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