This indestructible rug is trippy on the eyes, rough on your backside

Yachiyo metal rug

Traditional carpet rugs can be difficult to upkeep. Especially in homes with pets, rugs are a dust and hair magnet that needs regular vacuuming to keep allergens and dirt out of its surfaces. Rugs also have a so-so shelf life depending on where in the house they are placed. So why not own a rug that is virtually indestructible and needs little cleaning?

Yachiyo metal rugThat’s the idea behind the Yachiyo metal rug, made by looping thousands of galvanized steel wire rings to create one three dimensional looking piece of work. Placed on the any section of the room, the rug looks like a 3D cube from any angle. This in itself makes for a beautiful centerpiece you’d barely want to step on. Designer Pilippe Malouin describes the handmade rug as “impossible to make by machine … structural yet flexible; not dissimilar to a tight hand-tufted rug.” The process of piecing the rings together is a Japanese craft known as “12-in-2 chain mail method,” a tedious technique that promises extreme durability. The Yachiyo rug reportedly took more than 3,000 hours to create with the help of several of Malouin’s teammates and interns.

Of course, while the rug looks amazing in photos, we don’t imagine it to feel too great to sit and play atop. The Yachiyo might be best suited for decor purposes, or as a stepping rug at the entrance of your home. With the piece created as a work of art, the rug won’t be mass produced for your home. Though, if you have 3,000 hours on hand, perhaps you’ve found yourself a new arts and crafts project with which to impress the neighbors.

Image Credit: Philippe Malouin Design