Rot at home: You can help Kickstart this zombie-proof cabin

this kickstarter wants to make a zombie proof cabin tiger shed kickstarer

The Center for Disease Control has been releasing zombie-preparedness information for several years now. It started as a joke, but it turns out getting supplies together in anticipation of a brain-eating horde of supernatural creatures is pretty good preparation for more likely natural disasters, as well.

Some people want to go beyond getting together a go-bag or stocking their homes with food, water, and supplies. They want to actually zombie-proof their houses. This Kickstarter from Tiger Sheds and Zombie Infection should appeal to these survivalists.

The shed-making company and the creator of zombie-fighting simulations have teamed up to create a “zombie fortification cabin.” The “custom-designed, high-spec” log cabin will “have everything you need to protect yourself and stay safe in the event of a zombie takeover” and will be located in either an abandoned factory or in Sherwood Forest. Yes, that Sherwood Forest, in England. You could soon fight off the zombie of Robin Hood, if either Robin Hood or zombies were real.

The cabin will be sort of an amusement park meets survival training. Participants will be given only a flashlight and will have to outsmart a group of zombies in pitch darkness. For those willing to spend more cash, they can spend an entire weekend battling the undead. To accommodate this kind of experience, the Kickstarter is raising money to outfit the cabin with a kitchen, bathroom, and Xbox, as well as reinforced slit windows, barbed wire, and weaponry.

Tiger Shed Zombie Proof Cabin KickstarterIf you want to take part in the launch next October, it’ll cost about $307 for a pair of tickets. You can also pay $92 for a preview of the cabin.

This is not Tiger Shed’s first experience with zombie-proofing. It also makes a $108,000 cabin you can buy and customize for your own personal protection. It comes with a 10-year zombie-proof guarantee. You gotta wonder what they’re expecting to happen in 2026.