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This levitating bonsai tree will add zen to your home, though may tempt the cat

Floating Bonsai Trees Are Now A Reality
The Mars floating speaker generated enough interest to score it nearly a million bucks in funding on Indiegogo, so who’s to say this ingenious levitating bonsai tree won’t enjoy a similarly enthusiastic response in the crowdfunding community?

Apparently keen to inject some extra mystical allure into the miniature trees, Japanese entrepreneurs Hikaru Hoshi and Masanori Imayoshi decided to hit the workshop with a tool kit and a bunch of magnets in hand to see what they could create. The result is the somewhat quirky but undeniably charming Air Bonsai.

The “little star” (that’s what they’re calling the tree or plant) not only floats above the “energy base,” but gently turns, too. It’s a surprisingly captivating decoration, which, while providing optimal zen for your home, isn’t so distracting it’ll freak out the cat.

The base of the device is made from traditional Japanese porcelain, with the magnet and other gadgetry housed inside. The top, meanwhile, uses a moss ball with a sponge interior containing another magnet. Pledge a little more and instead of the moss ball you’ll receive a hollowed-out lava stone for any suitably sized plant.

Hoshi and Imayoshi recently smashed through their $80,000 funding goal and have so far raised an impressive $140,000 from 585 backers. The basic Air Bonsai set requires a pledge of $200, though an array of more elaborate offerings, the lava stone among them, will set you back as much as $1,000. For serious bonsai buffs, $10,000 will score you a visit to the workshop and a “garden tour.” And yes, for that much money all travel and accommodation expenses are covered.

With the goal reached, the pair are now setting to work on the next stage of the Air Bonsai’s development, and aim to start shipping the product in the summer.

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