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This $8,000 R2-D2-inspired refrigerator will deliver drinks to you

If you’ve always wanted your refrigerator to come to you when you’re on the couch, your dream may soon come true … if you have Manarai Mountains of cash.

Furthermore, it’ll come true in Star Wars form. A new refrigerator modeled after the series’ R2-D2 robot has been developed by Haier Asia’s AQUA brand. And it isn’t just any old fridge: This product moves on its own via remote control. This means you can direct it to roll right up to you whenever you want an iced cold beverage.

Unfortunately, the refrigerator has a battery that needs to be recharged in order for it to remain mobile, though this may be a small price to pay for robotic convenience. Though it was originally reported that the refrigerator holds 12 cans, its actual capacity is only six, according to Gizmodo. It has all of the flashing lights that R2-D2 features in the popular films.

This, along with its standard refrigeration capabilities, are sure to attract kitchen owners and Star Wars fans alike. The price, however, may give many pause. It’s available for pre-order (in Japan only!) for $8,000.

Refrigerators are one of the many appliances that continue to see upgrades as the Internet of Things movement expands. For example, the ChillHub made a splash this May when it debuted with “smart” capabilities. The ChillHub has two USB ports and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has an open-source iOS-compatible app.

ChillHub, which offers 18 cubic feet of internal space, has far more capacity than the R2-D2 refrigerator. Unfortunately, its pre-order page seems to have disappeared.

Despite its outlandish price, it’s hard to argue with the “cool” factor of the R2-D2 refrigerator. The Star Wars movie series is set to continue with Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens on Dec. 18. As the premiere date draws closer, this refrigerator may be the one of many Star Wars-inspired tech products we see hit the market.

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