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This Samsung cordless vacuum is $150 off for a limited time

Samsung Jet 60 cordless vacuum cleaner.

If you’re looking for one of the best cordless vacuums while enjoying a sweet discount, check out the Samsung Jet 60 at Walmart right now. It’s currently reduced by 50% so it’s down to $150 from $300. A huge saving, this is easily one of the best cordless vacuum deals around for most people. After all, we all need a sturdy and reliable vacuum, and this one is sure to last you a long time.

Packed with great features, the Samsung Jet 60 would be a pretty sweet deal at its regular price of $300 but it’s even more tempting for someone keen to keep their home clean with minimal hassle. It’s even tempting to those who may have contemplated one of the many robot vacuum deals going on, thanks to it being so easy to use. Check it out now before Walmart ends the deal soon.

Why you should buy the Samsung Jet 60

Don’t be held back by wires, this cordless stick vacuum makes cleaning almost limitless. It’s lightweight and maneuverable making it easy to take around the house. Weighing in at just six pounds, it’s designed to seamlessly clean any apartment, home, or office building. From upstairs to downstairs to everywhere in between, this vacuum is sure to give a thorough clean. The convenient 180-degree swivel feature allows it to easily vacuum stairs, get under the couch, and handle other hard-to-reach places. Whether you have carpet, hardwood, or tile, it leaves all surfaces spotless. Plus, you don’t have to worry about clogs thanks to the clog-reducing Jet Cyclone technology that keeps the filter clean and prevents debris buildup.

It’s also equipped with a five-layer filtration system that works to trap particles, instantly stopping dust in its tracks. The dustbin has a high capacity which allows it to collect more dust and dirt than ever before. Once it’s finally full, just empty and hand wash. Even though this vacuum can do major cleaning, it’s a convenient size which makes storage easy. You can simply mount the vacuum on a wall of your linen closet or just put it off to the side until it’s time to clean again. The long-lasting battery makes for uninterrupted cleaning time. Enjoy an extended clean of up to 40 minutes. When it’s time to charge up, just remove the battery and have the option to swap for a spare. It also comes with must-have accessories. The combination of tools allows you to clean dirt and dust from furniture, window frames, tabletops, your car, and more — and yes, even those tough-to-get-to places like tight and awkward corners can be reached with the long-reach crevice tool.

Get rid of debris and make your home mess-free while saving big on this reliable, easy-to-maneuver vacuum. Snag the Samsung Jet 60 for $150, half off the original $300 price tag, at Walmart while you can.

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Why you should buy the Dyson V8 cordless vacuum
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