Like Uber for dumpster rental, Thumbster makes spring cleaning a snap

thumbster waste management app dumpster

Got a garage full of junk that needs to be cleared out? Good news — there’s a new app on the scene that lets you order a dumpster in just a few taps, and finally toss out all that crap you’ve been accumulating for the past few years.

Available now for Android and iOS devices, Thumbster is basically like Uber for waste removal. Just download the app, choose the size of dumpster you need, and pick the date you’d like it to arrive. Once you enter your playment information, Thumbster handles the rest — freeing you from the hassle of researching/finding a local dumpster company, waiting for price quotes, or faxing paperwork and signed agreements to and fro. The company covers all the logistics so you can focus on what’s important: getting rid all your junk.

Thumbster AppAnd it’s not just for individuals, either. Thumbster’s open bidding platform makes it a useful tool for hauling companies and contractors as well. The time-saving, middle-man app tracks jobs, handles contract terms, collects payment from customers, responds to client questions, and facilitates invoicing.

“People love how Thumbster saves a tremendous amount of time and hassle. Everything stays organized so you always know your dumpster activity, weights, costs and more. Getting and using a dumpster has never been this easy,” says Thumbster founder Greg Workmon in a company press release.

Another incentive is the company’s up-front, flat rate pricing, which varies by job and bundles associated costs together into one clear-cut number. The up-front rates also eliminate hidden fuel and environmental fees, which are sometimes tacked on to hauling services. 

Dumpsters are just the beginning. Plans are already underway to expand Thumbster’s offerings to include portable toilets, mobile storage units, temporary fencing, and junk removal services in the months ahead.