TiVo Announces Top 10 Viewed Super Bowl Ads

TiVo’s annual post Super Bowl analysis of viewer reactions to the commercials today revealed that, of the dozens of multi-million dollar spots that aired, Ameriquest’s two ads landed at the top of the pack. Also revealed, according to user viewing data, was how a controversial call in the second quarter put actual Super Bowl viewing time on par with some of the commercials.

TiVo, the company said, did their annual analysis of viewing behavior by analyzing the replay and rewind features on a more than 10,000 household sample of anonymous information. Ameriquest’s two ads – “Friendly Skies” and “That Killed Him” – were first and second respectively among the top ten commercials, followed by Budweiser’s “Streaking Sheep”, Fed Ex’s “Caveman” and Michelob’s “Torch Football” to round out the top five.

Joining the most wanted ads was the controversial touchdown by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the second quarter, as well as the “Gadget Play” touchdown by the Steelers later on in the game. Both plays were on average watched more than four times by TiVo households.

One other interesting statistic of note was that, on average, TiVo households hit replay, pause or rewind around 100 times during the Super Bowl broadcast. The replay feature alone was accessed on average of 30 times.

“Our annual analysis of Super Bowl commercials shows once again that if you want to get the audiences attention during the game, you’ve got to get them laughing,” said Katie Ho, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at TiVo, in a statement. “Literally all of the ads in replayed most often in TiVo households utilized humor to deliver their brand message. And TiVo viewers were able to tickle their funny bones again and again without missing a single second of the action on the field.”