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You can get millions of lighting color options with TP-Link’s newest smart bulb

You can do a lot more with your lights than just turn them on and off these days. In fact, with some bulbs, it is possible to create more color schemes than you’ll probably ever have the time to test out.

TP-Link is increasing its lighting potential with a newly unveiled smart bulb: the LB130. When used in combination, the company’s various bulbs can produce literally millions of different customized lighting options. The new bulb is useful on its own, too, though — LB130 doesn’t require a smart hub or bridge.

After connecting to Wi-Fi, the bulb can conveniently be controlled individually or as part of a group through TP-Link’s Kasa app or via Amazon Alexa using voice control; the app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. Via Kasa, consumers can adjust their smart bulbs’ brightness and set schedules, timers, and countdowns.

Since there are so many possibilities, TP-Link makes it easy to recreate lighting schemes. Users can save setting for that they like. They can also check up on their light usage in the app; since the LB130 is an LED bulb, consumers should see a drop in their energy use.

“LB130 Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs add another layer of versatility to our lineup of smart lighting options,” said Lewis Wu, executive vice president of TP-Link USA, in a press release. “With millions of color options ranging from soft white to daylight, consumers now have endless possibilities to customize their home lighting to suit their needs without having a smart hub.”

With their easy setup and ability to work without a hub, the Wi-Fi bulbs serve as a good entry into smart lighting. The LB130 is now available on TP-Link’s website, on Amazon, and at Home Depot Stores for $50.

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