Trebuchet Toaster sends toasts launching onto your plate

Trebuchet Toaster Ivo Vos concept

There’s this Nutella commercial on TV right now that tells a story of a mom who can’t get her kids to come to breakfast until she exclaims she’s putting the hazelnut spread on their toasts. Oh, please. If you wanted your children to run straight to the breakfast table every morning, you’d own a Trebuchet Toaster, an interesting device that catapults toasts right out of the machine when they’re ready. Could you imagine the kind of launch parties you can have with your kids every day? Even adults would be entertained.

This concept toaster is unfortunately not a real live product just yet, but the design is definitely unique. The machine sits an an angled position, allowing you to set the projectile height before awaiting the golden brown toasts. It’s like learning to play with the physics behind Angry Birds combined with breakfast, and of course, real life.

The Brunch by Ivo Vos conceptTrebuchet Toaster is part of designer Ivo Vos’ concept of a full breakfast tool set called The Brunch. Included in the design is the Bread Slicer, a device to help prevent you from cutting yourself with a bread knife, the Teapot which can record the height at which you can pour tea from, and a placemat that outlines where you should put your plate and utensils.

“The Brunch is a series of consumer products that celebrates the mundane,” says Ivo Vos. We couldn’t agree more.

No word on whether The Brunch breakfast set will ever hit stores, but if it does, we could only imagine the experiments with how far one can catapult their toasts and still catch it on their plate. That, or how horrible the future of food fights will be now that you have a mechanical device to send food flying.

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