Trees turn into iPod docks from RockAppleWood

There are a ton of generic iPhone and iPad speaker docks on the market, but sometimes you want something with some style to accompany function.

For that let us introduce you to the Etsy artisan shop RockAppleWood (RAW). The owner and creator of shop handcrafts docking stations for iPhones and iPads using reclaimed, fallen, and re-purposed wood from the Murphys, California area — it’s a small town about an hour east of Stockton.

“We believe in natural selection when it comes to harvesting our wood,” RAW says on its site. “We let nature determine what wood we work with and when.”

In the gallery above, we specifically highlight the iPhone speaker dock and iPad stand that is part of the RAW Beats collection. The company does have a number of other docks and stations that you can see a couple of examples of, also in the gallery.

The speaker dock above is powered by two 5-foot USB cords — one charges the iPhone or iPod, the other powers the speaker. The speaker is capable of 1.2 watts of power, with volume control on the rear of the dock. The speaker is about 2 inches in diameter. 

As for the wood itself, RAW uses a White Oak double burl that is sanded and polished then covered in a combination of beeswax, carnuaba wax, and orange oil, which is supposed to prevent the wood from drying out and the deterioration of the finish.