Trinity ONE will look gorgeous while brewing your morning coffee

Let’s face it: even a coffee maker as expensive as the Keurig doesn’t exactly look eye-pleasing on your kitchen counter. If you’re looking for something that’s as chic as it is functional, you might want to check out Trinity ONE. This dandy kitchen appliance incorporates pour-over, cold-brew, and air pressure methods to make it the ultimate coffee maker.

Furthermore, Trinity ONE is offers a design that can be pleasingly displayed in its all glory in your kitchen. The machine is composed of stainless steel and has a black walnut timber finish. It has four key parts — a brew chamber and stand, press cylinder, end cap and filter head. Additionally, its chamber is double-walled for thermal insulation throughout the brewing process.

With the press cylinder, you can make a cup of Joe using air pressure. The end cap creates an air-tight seal in the cylinder portion of the brew chamber. The cylinder itself provides enough weight and force to press the coffee and squeak out the delicious liquid. You can also customize the press time and pressure by altering the hardness of the O-Rings or changing the coarseness of your grind.

If you want pour-over coffee, the inner chamber has a conical opening that is compatible with paper and metal cone filters. For a cold brew, you can use the brew chamber and flow controller for a longer immersion. The filter head can be removed once you’re done brewing, and cleaned for another day.

At the moment, Trinity ONE is still in prototype phase, but you can pledge $191 on its Kickstarter campaign page to reserve one of your own (the early bird special for $172 is sold out). The creators of Trinity ONE estimate that the product will begin shipping out to backers by January 2016. Until then, you might have to swing by your favorite coffee shop for your morning dose of caffeine.