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Urbanears reveals new colors for fall headphones

If you’re unfamiliar with Urbanears as a brand, they seem to have two goals. One, they aim to make high-quality, affordable headphones that sound great but leave off any unnecessary bells and whistles. Two, they would like to make you look stylish and hip by providing said headphones in just about every possible color. The headphone brand makes a simple selection of headphones including the full-size classic on-ear Plattan, a lighter-weight on-ear called the Tanto, and two different kinds of in-ear buds.

Ranging from $35-$70, any version is a good choice for those who are budget-conscious but want a quality listening experience. The Plattan headphones come with the added bonus of a Zound plug, which allows your friends to plug a pair of their headphones directly into yours for a shared listening party. While the rainbow spectrum of colors that the brand already offers is impressive, Urbanears has decided to add Indigo (seen above), Mustard, and Raspberry for the fall season. Any of the three will make for a bold color statement and some great-sounding tunes. 

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