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Use this app to step up your coffee game and brew the perfect cup

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Coffee snobs, hold onto your fedoras — there’s a fresh new app out for iOS that helps you fine-tune your brew with the utmost precision, thereby taking your snobbery to a whole new level and bringing you ever closer to the perfect brew.

The app is called Brewsful, and it’s basically like a tricked out egg timer, but designed specifically for coffee. With its incredibly simple interface, it allows you tweak your brewing process and figure out exactly how long to pour, mix, and steep — the idea being that, after a while, you’ll be able to nail down the perfect process and save the exact recipe for future reference.

To start, you input things like the method you use to brew (French press, pour-over, Chemex, etc.), the coarseness, cup size, and optimal coffee-to-water ratio. Once you’ve got everything calibrated, the app will walk you through the brewing process from start to finish, and offer up simple visual/audio cues when it’s time to start/stop pouring, time to stir the brew, and time to pick up your cup and enjoy.

Obviously, you don’t need these kinds of detailed directions to make a simple cup of joe, but Brewsful isn’t for making a simple, average-tasting coffee — it’s about the subtle science of brewing beans, and experimenting until you get the chemistry just right.

You can find out more here, or head over to the App Store to try it out for yourself.

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