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Use your smart speaker to make Valentine’s Day a little sweeter

Alexa and Google Assistant can be the perfect Valentine's Day helpers

This year, there’s no better wingman for your Valentine’s Day than Alexa or Google Assistant. They can help you make the perfect dinner plans, order flowers, share your love across the world, or come up with the perfect drink. Here’s how to use your smart speakers to light a spark this February 14.

Amazon Echo dressed up for Valentine's Day
Kristina Paukshtite/Pexels and Press Photo from Amazon

Send a greeting

No matter how far away your sweetheart or loved one is, you can still send them some extra special greetings on Valentine’s Day. The Hallmark Valentine’s Greeting Blueprint skill for Alexa helps you create the perfect audio greeting card and send it to wherever your recipient is. The whole process takes only a few minutes, and if you can’t think of the right words, there are some pre-made greetings you can borrow.

To send an in-home love note using Alexa or Google Home, tell your smart speaker to set a reminder for a certain time you know your loved one will be close by and name the reminder a cute love message. For example, “Alexa, set a reminder that Jonathan is the love of my life.” When the time comes, the speaker will announce your reminder and your Valentine is sure to blush.

Order out

If you’re planning a little Netflix and chill or Hulu and hugging, don’t forget to order some food. You can use Alexa and Google Assistant to order from Dominos, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s. Not feeling pizza? You can use the Grubhub Reorder skill to have your favorite meals delivered.

Find just the right restaurant

If going out is on the menu, Alexa’s Restaurant Finder skill can help you find the perfect place. In the more than likely scenario that you and your honey can’t decide on a place, the Pick a Restaurant skill will randomly choose one for you.

Send flowers

Flowers are a favorite on Valentine’s Day, and you can make ordering them a lot simpler using your smart speaker. With Google Assistant you can say, “Ask 1-800-Flowers to order flowers,” once you’ve sent the action to your device. You can also shop for cookies and strawberries with your Google speaker, like Google Home Max or Google Nest Mini.

With Alexa, you can use the 1-800-Flowers skill to order flowers. While ordering through the skill you make your purchases using Amazon Pay, so make sure you enable that feature through the Alexa app.

Wow with more than wine

Opening up a bottle of champagne or wine is okay, but you can really wow your date or mate with homemade mixed drinks. The Mixologist skill for Alexa can help you figure out what kind of drinks you can make with the supplies you have on hand and walk you through the recipes. A simple voice command, such as, “Hey Google, find a recipe for an Old Fashioned,” or “Alexa, find a recipe for a Manhattan,” will deliver you the recipes you need, too.

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