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Swenyo UX4 brackets make it easy for you to build your own furniture

For those who don’t want to spend a fortune on designer furniture but who also want to avoid turning to Swedish particle board, custom furniture is the way to go. Everything from wooden crates to pallets can be repurposed into whatever suits the space. However, even the simplest designs take some handiwork and some of us may lack the skill or time needed to commit to a project. One small California-based company with a product that eases the DIY process is taking things to Kickstarter.

The UX4 Kit by Swenyo consists of four steel brackets that make it easier to install standard 2×4 boards to any wooden surface. The hardware and guidelines for assembly are included. You slide the board into the bracket, attach it with two screws, and you have a leg that can be used for a bookshelf, table, bench, standing desk, TV stand, and more.

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The brackets are available in raw steel or you can choose from six powder-coated colors: white, black, raw steel, orange, blue, and copper. By choosing the length of wood and surface, you can create furniture to your liking. You can further use stains and paint to add a personal touch.

The UX4 Kit is limited only by what you can fit into your place. Smaller apartment owners can make the most use of their square footage with corner pieces, while those with more room can go for larger round designs.

The UX4 brackets can hold up to 400 lbs., so go ahead and use that old door you found as a tabletop. Because of their sturdy construction, they can be reused for new creations as many times as you need. Since 2x4s are one of the the most common building materials in the country, and can be found nearly anywhere a building is being put up or taken down, you shouldn’t be hard pressed to find materials.

If you want to skip going out to buy or hunt down 2x4s, two different leg kits are available through the Kickstarter campaign. They include 4 pre-cut boards at 17 inches or 29 inches. Prices for a set of brackets alone starts at $45, while $90 will get you the brackets and 17-inch legs. You can also order packages that include Swenyo’s Skurniture, a bench made out of a skateboard desk with steel legs.

As of this writing, the project is at about $15,500 towards its $20,000 goal, with 25 days to go. All products are expected to ship in September of this year.

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