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Tired of spoiled vegetables? The VeggiDome can help

We’ve all at some point bought vegetables in an attempt to eat more healthy, only to find our broccoli and carrots spoiling at the bottom of our crisper drawer.

Well, a new Indiegogo has launched for the VeggiDome, a product aimed at keeping vegetables out in the open.

VeggiDome is the brainchild of Duncan Burns, who was always looking for interesting ways to help his kids eat more healthy. After some experimenting, he found that leaving vegetables out in the open for them to see was the best solution. That’s where the VegiDome concept sprang from.

Digital Trends spoke to Eddie Haddad, co-founder and CMO of VeggiDome, to get some insight on what the company’s goals are.

Burns noticed the effectiveness of keeping vegetables covered by a glass dome 12 years ago, but said, “It was only about two years ago that Duncan discovered the advantage of the ‘dome’ portion to have a lid for easy access,” said Haddad, essentially making it a vegetable cookie jar.

Compared to simple glass Tupperware, “the VeggiDome has been specifically designed for the most effective atmospheric conditions” said Haddad. “The lid up top, aside from allowing easy access, lets the ethylene gas escape from the dome while the moisture is maintained.”

The VeggiDome is currently being tested with families, and “the response has been overwhelmingly positive.” said Haddad. “Moms especially like the idea of their kids eating out of the VeggiDome, rather than a cookie jar or candy bowl.”

The VeggiDome has a goal of $24,500, and as of publishing is at $8,815. With about a month left before its campaign ends, it’s currently looking like the target will be met.

“If our campaign is successful, we are going to proceed with our first mass production run” of around 4,000 units, said Haddad. “Then we will continue to build the VeggiDome brand and move our way into department stores, e-commerce storefronts, infomercials/QVC, etc.”

There will likely be copycat products that will try and steal some of the VeggiDome’s thunder, but for Haddad “we just want to spread the wealth of healthy and sustainable living with the rest of the world.”

The VeggiDome will start shipping to backers in July.

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