Verizon Offers Easier Way to Shift Services

Verizon is hoping to take some of the hassle out of moving – and possibly entice customers with new services in the meantime – with a new call-in number. The telecom giant’s movers service enables customers to arrange for the termination of communications services at an old address and turn on service at the new address with one call.

While Verizon already provides a Web site that allows existing customers to request communication service to be transferred from one location to another,  Tuesday’s announcement promises customers the added convenience of making that switch with one phone call. By dialing 1-866-VZMoves, or (866-896-6837) customers will be able to turn off their existing service, ensure service is enacted at their new address, and find out which services will be available in their new location, according to Verizon. The company has been aggressively rolling out its broadband service, marketed as FiOS.

"The most important part of the Movers program is the opportunity it represents for customers to review their service needs and get the very best value possible at their new home," said Eileen Cassidy, vice president of voice and bundled services for Verizon, in a company statement. "Many customers have not reviewed their service needs recently and can add services or get discounts now available in their new neighborhoods."