Vertigo-inducing designs are now available at a rooftop pool in Dubai

InterContinental Dubai pool

A few days ago, many of us flipped out over this glass floor bathroom built over a 15-story elevator shaft. On the plus side, at least you can stand straight and steady on the floor and hold on to the walls for support if you start to get dizzy. But what if you combine that downward view of the height in an outdoor setting? Hold that thought, then add an element of being submerged weightlessly underwater.

InterContinental Dubai poolThe swimming pool at the InterContinental Festival City Resort in Dubai does just that. Incorporating a clinging pool design, the 25-meter (approximately 82 feet) rooftop pool gives a dimensionally new meaning to infinity pools. The temperature-controlled pool extends to a glass edge that falls off the width of the hotel building, with a rounded curved glass that allows swimmers to see straight through the floor and onto the city grounds. With the pool set atop the 36-story building, swimming to the end to press up against the glass is experience like no other.

Intercontinental Dubai PoolThose walking below the hotel and also look up and see vacationers enjoying their dip in the pool. Rest assured the glass is high enough to prevent adventurous swimmers from attempting to climb onto the edge, and the glass can support the swimmers and water inside.

If you’re a bit queasy about heights, not to worry. The hotel offers plenty of other amenities including a luxury spa, a 24-hour gym with Kinesis walls, and a golf course. But if you absolutely intend on swimming while staying in Dubai, there are three other spa pools in the hotel that allows for a city skyline view without the vertigo-inducing design.

Rooms at the InterContinental Festival City Resort start at approximately $195 a night, with even the lowest category room offering a beautiful sofa, plasma screen television, and a bathroom with a standalone bathtub and a bidet-equipped toilet. Will you make your vacation this year as exotic as Dubai?