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VetPronto wants to make it easier to care for your pets by sending vets to you

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If the dentist is the most dreaded of office visits for humans, then surely the vet is the equivalent for our pets (and by extension, ourselves as well). But now there’s a startup hoping to make the process of caring for your cats and dogs a bit less painful. Meet VetPronto, a company that believes that it’s not just man who deserves a house call from his doctor — man’s best friend deserves the same.

“With the technology of the 21st century, VetPronto is bringing house calls back in an effective manner that’s about the same price as going to the vet,” said Joe Waltman, co-founder of Vetpronto. “Our goal is also to make life easier for the owner and hopefully a lot less stressful for the patients.”

It’s a pretty straightforward process — you need only book an appointment for your pets, either by way of the VetPronto website or mobile app. If it’s slated to be the vet’s first visit with your furry friend, the company will give you a ring to get more information, and request records from previous visits so everyone is on the same page about your animal’s health. And when the agreed upon appointment date arrives, the vet comes to you, saving you the trouble of getting out that horrifying carrier and risking a million scratches just to do a good deed.

Vets all across the country are now part of the VetPronto network, with availability in New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and California. “An important part of our service is that the client can choose the vet,” Waltman added. “They see a paragraph about the vets — their educational and work background, their personal interests, what pets they own, etc.”

The company is also hoping to create a more cost-effective solution to pet healthcare. As such, every single one of their house calls costs $150 — that’s irrespective of condition, pet size, species, time, or location. Of course, you may incur other charges if your pet has a specific condition, but can you really put a price tag on the convenience of having a vet come to you?

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