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Unique Vietnamese home embraces tranquility with its plots of living trees

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3 Atelier
Fed up with the long hours of market life, a Vietnamese family man decided his best course of action would be to move into a giant tree house — sort of.

In an effort to spend more time with his wife and young children, this unnamed man commissioned the help of 3 Atelier, his nephew’s renowned Ho Chi Minh City-based architecture firm, to design an innovative home geared towards embracing tranquility. From the abundance of living trees to its uniquely constructed tile walls, 3 Atelier’s gorgeously designed home is the epitome of a modern tree house.

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As touched on above, 3 Atelier was employed to design this distinctive home to give the family the ability to escape the buzz of city life in favor of time spent connecting with their environment. Growing up, the man’s children had only ever known what it was like to live near the busy market, so he desired to give them an opportunity at a proper, playful childhood.

The resulting abode is astonishing. Its open floor plan allows for a wealth of outside light to pour throughout the home which makes much of it feel like a lush and serene patio. As explained by 3 Atelier, a focus on amplifying the surrounding environment was key.

“Uncle’s House reflects [the] featured image of Di Linh Plateau (a former project of the firm), using a wide range of traditional as well as modern materials,” 3 Atelier said on Arch Daily. “All are processed just enough to maintain the nature of material itself. The tile walls proved their power when keeping the house warm at nights and cool during the sunny days. They especially recall the owners to their very old moments living peacefully in a Vietnamese village when they were young. Light also has its own story in this cozy house.”

In addition to the placement of living trees in a few of the home’s open rooms, the plot installed in the kitchen also allows the owners to use its soil to plant and grow vegetables. Highly sustainable — and a far cry from life in the market — 3 Atelier’s brilliant modern tree home is an engineering marvel and one which undoubtedly ignites a dose of envy.

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