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Dial up a prefab retreat and have it delivered to your spot in the woods

If you order a Vipp Shelter, the company will build it in Denmark and deliver and install it — using your crane, so make sure to have one — anywhere in the world, according to Dezeen.

The Shelter design concept uses open spaces for natural light and views. Only the bathroom and bedroom loft are private. You have to be OK with the complete design, which means no changes to the floor plan. You also accept Vipp’s selection of appliances, furnishings, decorative bits, and even dishware and ceramics.

Vipp Shelter tiny prefab as precise industrial-era appliance

Vipp is primarily a home goods company which sells its own lighting and products for kitchens and bathrooms. The Shelter is a departure for the company. According to Vipp brand leader Kasper Egelund, the Shelter is designed as a small home in the woods that serves as a “battery-charging station for humans.”

While Vipp will deliver worldwide, the 592-square foot Shelter is sold only at the company’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and its New York showroom. You can view a model in Sweden.

The price is a non-negotiable $585,000, which is obviously not inexpensive, especially for such a small home. It works out to almost $1,000 per square foot, but there’s more. Construction takes five to six months from order confirmation.

Freight and installation are not included in the sales price. Setup takes three to five days, depends on where the Shelter is delivered. The rate sheet, again not open to negotiation, is 10 percent of the purchase price if delivered in Europe, 12 percent to locations on the east coast of the U.S., and 15 percent on the west coast.

You will, moreover, have to provide a crane on-site to lift the Shelter sections from the trucks and put them in place. Site prep work, hookups for utilities, and necessary permits and licenses are also the buyer’s responsibility. If you’re interested in learning more about the ordering process, you can find the details here.

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