Vita Audio R4 Music System steps up your bedside iPod dock

vita audio r4 music system steps up your bedside ipod dock gallery 08

Speaker docks are nothing new, and the options for what to use to charge and play music from your iPhone or iPod are practically limitless, but the trend usually seems to be big size or small sound, take your pick. If you want something beyond your generic iPod dock to play some tunes and give you more freedom of input, the Vita Audio R4i Music System (about $975) is a step up from any other desktop or bedside setup we’ve seen in both design and sound specs. The dock system is available in a beautiful walnut finish (above), which lends the piece a retro-chic feel, as well as glossy black or white. Most importantly, the R4i gives users several input options for playback, as well as high-quality sound with 80 watts of power and an integrated active subwoofer.

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The R4i docks most iPod models, all iPhone models, and also has a slot-loading CD player, USB port for playback of MP3 and WMA files, front and back auxiliary inputs, and DAB, DAB+ and FM radio tuners. A clever RotoDial makes switching between functions fast and easy, and the dial can even be removed to be used as a tabletop remote. Other features include 3D-enhanced surround sound, information support for MP3 files, selectable tone settings, and easy-to-use alarm functions. While we haven’t tested the sound quality ourselves, the specs and word of mouth tell us that this system sounds great. In addition to upgraded functionality and options, the beautiful design would look smashing in almost any environment.