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Park this vintage VW Bus fridge in the kitchen for retro appeal

Gorenje Retro SpecialEdition (30s image)
Modern style has trended toward a more minimalist style. As appliances become more muted in tone, they tend to fade into the background. As a market response, retro appliances are making a comeback. They have unique shapes, bright colors, and stand out against everything else. And when it comes to retro design, there is arguably nothing more iconic than the 1960’s Volkswagen Bus.

In celebration of German engineering and the need to keep food fresh, Gorenje has revealed the Volkswagen Bus refrigerator. Just like the vehicle that inspired it, this special edition fridge features chrome trim, a two-tone paint job, and a big VW emblem on the door. The only things missing are headlights, a windshield, and a bumper.

Beyond looking good, the retro Volkswagen Bus refrigerator is full of modern features. Using thermal insulation, proper door sealing, and more, the fridge highly energy efficient. Rated at A+++, the highest rating possible in Europe, Gorenje’s retro fridges use 60 percent less power than those in the A class. The addition of an advanced fan system and dynamic cooling helps evenly distribute ionized air for consistent temperature throughout. The ionized air supposedly mimics the natural microclimate, keeping food fresh for longer.

For those who are interested, but are not sure how this charming fridge would look in their current kitchens, Gorenje encourages people to virtually park it in the kitchen. By uploading a photo to its website, potential buyers can visualize how it will look in their home. Buyers can choose between Burgundy or Baby Blue for the base color.

This isn’t the first time a retro fridge has been inspired by classic European cars. Earlier this year, Smeg revealed the Smeg 500 was coming to the United States. This charming cellar-style fridge is modeled after the hood of an original Fiat 500. Unlike Smeg’s retro appliance, the Volkswagen Bus refrigerator is currently only available in Europe.

If anyone else has been holding out hope that Volkswagen would revitalize the actual Bus, that reality is only a few years away. The automobile manufacturer has confirmed that an all-electric version called the I.D. Buzz will be released in 2022. Just like Gorenje’s fridge, it’s a modern reimagining of a classic design.

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