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Walmart accidentally leaks upcoming Google Nest Audio smart speaker

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Google’s upcoming event on September 30 over what devices the company will show, but one device Google has been expected to present is a new Nest Audio speaker. Thanks to Walmart, you don’t have to wait until the event to find out about it.

Walmart jumped the gun and put the new Nest Audio speaker out on shelves ahead of time, confirming the naming of the product through the packaging. The German website WinFuture dug into the leak surrounding the smart speaker and found renders of it in both white and charcoal colors, showing that the Nest Audio speaker follows the standard color scheme used by Google.

The Walmart leak did not show the official price, but a tweet from WinFuture’s Roland Quandt found a listing for the Nest Audio speaker on with a $100 price tag, although that price has now been removed from the listing. It does, however, include a brief (and unfinished) description:

Meet Nest Audio. Hear music the way it should sound, with crisp?vocals and powerful bass that fill the room. Just say, “Hey Google” to?play your favorite songs from the streaming services you use most or?get help (1).??And create a home audio system with your other Nest speakers, just like that. Listen in stereo sound or all around the house (2). Or say, “Hey Google, move my music to the bedroom speaker,” and it?follows you.??Nest Audio is designed to fit right into your home. And it looks as amazing as it sounds.?Nest Audio requires Wi-Fi, a nearby electrical outlet, a Google Account, and a compatible mobile device. Minimum OS requirements are available at Music subscriptions may be required.?(2) Compatible smart devices required.

The listing says the Nest Audio speaker is made from recycled materials and can be used to “easily create a home audio system.” From everything that has been revealed so far, it sounds like the Nest Audio speaker is the upgrade to the existing Google Home smart speaker line that has been so desperately needed, albeit under the new “Nest” naming scheme.

More details will be revealed on September 30 at the official Google event, but it seems like most of the important details have already been shown.

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