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Want pizza? Just press Domino’s Easy Order button

want pizza just press dominos easy order button screen shot 2015 11 23 at 9 51 44 am
Remember Staples’ big, bold, “That Was Easy” button? It’s now been resurrected, but not by the office supply company — instead, it’s national pizza chain Domino’s that has taken over the device, because sometimes, picking up the phone to order your pizza is just too much work.

By pairing with the Domino’s app via Bluetooth, the Easy Order button literally lets the laziest pizza enthusiast satisfy their heart and stomach’s desires at the  touch of a button. Simply save your address and payment information on the app, select your favorite pizza, and then every time you hit the Easy Order button, you’ll have a hot, fresh one at your doorstep.

And because you’ll doubtless want to track your pizza and estimate its delivery time, the button will glow red when your pie is en route.

Domino’s has certainly been at the forefront of the mobile revolution, taking full advantage of the rise of the digital age to drive further pizza consumption. Currently, the Telegraph reports, 75 percent of Domino’s orders are actually received digitally, and half of those are placed using the restaurant’s mobile app. In fact, so popular is the idea that the firm’s easy-order app has been downloaded over 10 million times.

This certainly isn’t Domino’s first foray into easier ordering — you can also get a pizza by way of your Xbox so that you don’t even have to stop gaming in order to eat. And with this Easy Order button, things are about as simple as they can get (short of telepathy).

Unfortunately, the first batch of these life-changing buttons will only be available via a competition among “superfans” in the U.K. Further details will emerge in December, and Domino’s has plans for a wider rollout in February of 2016 — though still just in the U.K. Of course, it seems that the American market would go bonkers over this button too, so hope is still alive that we may one day ourselves have an Easy Order button.

Until then, you can still use the Domino’s app, which features a virtual button that serves the same purpose. Sure, it’s not as satisfying as pushing the real thing, but it’ll get the job done. And it’s still easier than picking up the phone.

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