Skip the laundromat: On-demand laundry service Washio now offers 30-minute pickup

washio 30 minute pickup

On-demand service startups are all the rage right now. Plumbing work, doctor visits, snow plows, hangover remedies — you name it, and there’s probably a startup out there that’ll deliver it directly to where you’re sitting in under an hour.

Washio does this for laundry, and while it’s definitely not the only startup that offers on-demand laundering and dry cleaning, it’s recently made a few changes that might give it a leg up on the competition.

washio2It used to be that Washio users had to schedule a date and time for pickups, which generally happened within 24 hours, but it wasn’t what most people would consider truly “on-demand.”

Today, that changes. The company has spent the last six months streamlining the routing algorithm it uses to dispatch pick-up drivers and, as a result, has recently announced that it will now offer laundry pickup in 30 minutes or less.

The ordering process has also been simplified. The Washio app will now pre-fill the order screen with your default address and the soonest available pickup time, which makes one-click ordering possible.

This quicker service rolls out today to every city that Washio currently operates in, including LA.., San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C.