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A freezer in the bedroom closet and more weird places to put appliances

weird places people put appliances ge fridge in bathroom
Putting an extra fridge in the garage or on your fancy-schmancy outdoor patio is pretty standard, but we’ve heard of some pretty unusual places appliances are turning up. It started when an Electrolux employee told us she’d heard of a woman installing a minifridge in her bathroom. There are lots of natural beauty products that need to be kept cool, but apparently some more standard items can also benefit from sitting in the fridge. Rather than schlep everything back and forth from the kitchen, she now has a dedicated appliance just for face masks, cucumbers, and eye creams.

Parents are also putting fridges in nurseries and kids’ rooms. “There was a new mom who had a her conceal a wine fridge in the nursery so that she could keep her breast milk in the baby’s room,” Taylor Spellman, interior designer and star of Bravo’s Yours Mine or Ours, told Digital Trends. “Adding a minifridge to your kid’s playroom is ideal for quick access to juice boxes and applesauce for those unpredictable snacking emergencies,” said Gillian Grefé, online interior design service Havenly’s senior manager of brand marketing. She’s also seen women installing champagne-and-wine chillers in their “Mom Caves” or “She Sheds.”

Microwaves are a smaller appliance, so they can fit in lots of unusual places. “We definitely see microwaves in bedrooms for aromatherapy heating pads and for warming baby bottles — and some admit to popcorn eating,” LG’s director of public relations, Taryn Brucia, told Digital Trends. Instead of double ovens, “one very health conscious woman requested two microwaves in her kitchen – one for the family’s food and one to disinfect sponges,” said Spellman.

Most people hide their laundry machines in dedicated rooms, down the basement, or or in a closet. Others don’t want to lug baskets that far. “A trend we’re seeing as a premium appliance manufacturer is that some people are putting washers and dryers in upscale bedrooms and closets to streamline the laundry process,” said Brucia. At least you could have toasty socks in the morning — unless you prefer chilly pants. “My personal favorite is the fashionista who had a minifreezer installed in her closet so that she could keep her jeans in it to keep them fresh and clean,” said Spellman.

If only our bathroom was big enough for shower-beer fridge.

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