This microwave listens to your popcorn to stop the pop before it burns

Whirlpool just dropped a new line of microwaves with a brilliant new feature baked in. In addition to a slew of other smart sensors, the WMH76719CS comes equipped with Whirlpool’s AccuPop system, which is essentially a microphone that listens to your popcorn popping inside to determine when it’s done. Embedded sound sensors measure the time between pops and adjust the cooking time accordingly, so there’s no more guesswork, no more blackened bags, and far fewer tooth-shattering unpopped kernels.

But it’s not just a one-trick pony either. Whirlpool doesn’t play games when it comes to building appliances, and in addition to AccuPop, this thing’s got:

  • A completely non-stick interior for easy cleanup
  • A built-in steam clean option for additional help with cleaning off cooked-on foods
  • An integrated vent and console built seamlessly into the microwave’s exterior
  • An automatically adapting fan that adjusts itself by sensing the interior temperature
  • A recessed, stoppable glass turntable designed to accommodate larger items like bowls
  • Sensor settings that allows one-touch cooking

The Whirlpool WMH76719CS microwave retails for $569, so perfect popcorn won’t be cheap – but just think of all that money you’ll save in un-popped kernels!


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