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Whisk Wiper is the smart kitchen utensil cleaner you never knew you needed

Whisk Wiper Kickstarter Campaign Video
Everyone loves complex gadgets like smartphones and VR headsets, but we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for simple “home hack” gizmos which allow users to carry out one specific task in the home with a bit more ease or panache.

That’s the case for a new Kickstarter contraption called the Whisk Wiper, which — as its name suggests — lets would-be chefs quickly clean a kitchen whisk, without frustration or mess, in just a matter of seconds.

It’s the work of serial inventor Matthew Michel. “I made the discovery for Whisk Wiper cleaning a whisk in the sink, wiping each loop one at a time,” Michel told Digital Trends. “The discovery was really the question ‘How can I wipe all the loops at once?’”

The answer he came up with is a mounted accessory that slips over the loops on your existing kitchen whisk, which not only keeps it elevated when you place it down — thereby banishing messy marks on your work surfaces — but also lets you clean the whisk in one go by lifting it over the whisk’s loops. Once this is done, you can easily gather any mixture which has accumulated on the whisk and return it to the bowl.

“I’m not putting my invention down to say that if you posed this question to a room of engineers I think half of them would have a similar solution in 30 minutes,” he continued humbly. “I think a lot of innovation is more in asking a new question than it is in having a new answer.”

Based on the responses he’s had to the project so far, it’s an answer plenty of people around the world seem to have been looking for. “Everyone I’ve ever shown the product to has been enthusiastic, so I always knew it needed to come to market,” he said.

If you’re after a Whisk Wiper of your own, you can pre-order one on Kickstarter starting at just $19. Early bird units will ship in December, while others will start whisking their way to you in March.

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