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Why you need to buy this gigantic portable home battery now

Typically, when you’re thinking about powering your home sans the grid, you consider using a generator — whether electric or gas — like those you might find in some of the best generator deals. You might also use a solar or renewable energy system, but they come with limited support unless you have a backup battery or power delivery network. That’s where the EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable home battery comes into play.

When it releases, it will be the largest capacity battery the company has launched to date, with a 3.6kWh to 25kWh range, which is enough to supply an entire family’s energy needs for emergency use for up to a week. Fascinating, right? What’s more, you can take advantage of an early-release discount if you want one. You can grab it for $2,999, which is $600 off — it will retail for $3,599.

What makes the EcoFlow DELTA Pro so interesting?

It’s a challenge to live without power, even if you’re off the grid, in a remote location, or spending time at a campsite. You’ll still want energy for lights, maybe cooking gear, your mobile devices, and much more. The same is true for a home without power during a major outage or natural disaster, where you may need to power air conditioning and major appliances. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro can help you weather the storm because it’s a full-featured and smart portable power station.

Imagine plugging in your smartphone, a small electric burner, some lights, a small TV, or even charging your laptop. These are all things you can do with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro. Think of it as an extra-extra-large portable power pack that’s significantly more versatile and powerful.

What else can the EcoFlow DELTA Pro do?

First, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a portable home battery that doesn’t necessarily need to be used with a traditional single-family home. For example, you can bring it along on road trips to power gear in your RV or other vehicles. It’s effectively a smart portable power station with a large-capacity battery to store the energy. It’s solar-ready and offers a 1,200W solar charging system. It also has an expandable capacity, and you can pair or sync multiple batteries together to create a larger energy share.

A single unit outputs 3,600W of energy, enough to power air conditioning systems, washing machines, appliances, electronics, and much more. It’s a great emergency backup system, when connected with a series of add-ons, including Smart Extra Batteries, Smart Generators and a solar panel which can increase the capacity to up to 25kWh for when the power goes out, and you need to run a few devices for a few days or longer.

The unique FlowCharge system allows it to be charged multiple ways, too, not just via solar. You can plug it into regular wall outlets, EV charging stations, use a car charging system, or even hook up a wind turbine.

Head on over to the EcoFlow Kickstarter page to learn more!

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