Wider 42 yacht contains an expandable deck for those who hate confined spaces

wider 42 yacht contains an expandable deck

While taking a trip out on a yacht this summer may seem like a great way to keep cool in this heat, one of the things you’ll have to compromise is space. It could be unnerving for some to walk around in circles knowing they can’t get off the boat until it docks or risk jumping into the water. With the Wider 42 Yacht, the deck space expands so you can have more living room without feeling so claustrophobic. 

The Wider 42 looks like your average yacht until full deployment extends the sides of the main lobby, giving a total walking space of 193.5 square feet with a width of 21.6 feet. Designed by Tilli Antonelli, the yacht is meant to be space efficient, giving passengers more room when they need it and less when the boat docks. The Wider 42 takes approximately 12 seconds to fully extend.

The body of the boat is also built with vacuum infusion molding techniques for carbon and vinylester resins, a similar technique used in vehicles for aerospace and Formula 1 racing. This results in a lightweight and aerodynamic machine that can speed along for up to 50 knots. Other amenities built into the yacht includes a sink, teppanyaki griddle, a sunbathing deck, and a movable ice box to store cold drinks or fresh fruits. On the inside, the yacht offers C-shaped seating with an LED television. The seats can also be converted to a double bed. The Wider 42 can accommodate up to 12 passengers, making it ready to be used as a party boat out on the waters.

You can certainly own the Wider 42 for the sticker tag of $1.12 million, more if you wish to upgrade the amenities by adding a built-in refrigerator or ceramic glass burner on the deck. Just remember to bring your favorite tech writer who introduced you to this boat along at your next party (hint hint)!