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Wiliams-Sonoma smart thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking

wiliams sonoma smart thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking

If you’ve ever tuned in to an episode of Iron Chef or Chopped, you’re probably well aware that the hardest thing about cooking a meal isn’t the actual cooking part – it’s the timing. Regardless of how perfectly the food is cooked, even the most seasoned chefs sometimes still have trouble finishing up all their courses at the same time. It’s tricky, and getting it right takes lots of practice, but with the help of this new smart thermometer from Williams-Sonoma you’ll never need to sweat the clock ever again.

In all honesty, this thing is everything you’d expect from a smart kitchen gadget. It’s got a simple design, minimalist controls, and connects to your home Wi-Fi network – which is pretty much standard fare for any gadget that bears the “smart” moniker. But that’s not to say it’s unremarkable. When you take a closer look at the features Williams-Sonoma packed into it, it’s clear this isn’t your run-of-the-mill wifi-connected temp-tracker.

For starters, this badboy can subtract. That might not sound all that impressive since we’ve had digital calculators since the early 60s, but believe me, this feature sets it apart from anything else on the market. Lets say you’re cooking a 15 lb turkey, but also plan on making baked potatoes. Thanks to a patented anticipatory function that constantly gauges internal temperature, the thermometer can estimate the cooking time of the potatoes, subtract it from the cooking time of the turkey, and shoot you a notification when it’s time to start baking the spuds. This way, the entire meal finishes cooking at the exact same time – no guesswork necessary on your part.

Second of all, as with most smart gadgets, the thermometer can interface with your smartphone via your home Wi-Fi network. This allows you to roam around while you’re cooking and still know exactly what’s going on with your food. This is definitely a cool feature, but the best part about is that Williams-Sonoma doesn’t force it on you. The device is designed so that it can be operated just as easily without any external inputs, which is nice since whipping out your smartphone, opening the appropriate app, and navigating through a bunch of menus is often inconvenient when you’re right next to the gadget itself.

And the best part? You can actually buy this thing right now. No pre-orders, no waiting patiently for a crowdfunding campaign to finish – you can order one today and have it delivered by the end of the week. Williams-Sonoma is currently selling them for $199.95 on its website.

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