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Brandless claims its new Pro Blender is just as powerful as a Vitamix

It’s impossible to understate the importance of protecting the environment in today’s world. In fact, the idea is so prevalent that even cookware companies have taken notice. Meet Brandless, a company first launched in 2017 under the idea that products should be high-quality and durable. After all, if something lasts for a long time, it’s environmental impact is lessened. Now Brandless has introduced the Brandless Pro Blender, an appliance the company claims is on par with even the Vitamix.

The Brandless Pro Blender has six stainless steel blades and a 64-ounce, BPA-free carafe for all your smoothie-making, soup-stirring plans. It has a 2-horsepower motor that can blend even tough vegetables or frozen foods, and a resettable fuse button should it ever draw too much power. Brandless says cleaning is as simple as blending warm, soapy water inside the carafe. The Brandless Pro Blender is set at just $180 — much less expensive than the comparably sized Vitamix 5200 at $402.

The Vitamix in question also has a 64-ounce carafe, six-blade design, and also a 2-horsepower motor. Both blenders also have variable speed control. Comparing the two on specs alone, they certainly look similar, but without hands-on testing, we can’t say for sure. If the Brandless Pro Blender does live up to its claims, however, it’s definitely a decent buy for $200 less than a Vitamix.

In addition to the Pro Blender, Brandless also introduced a five-piece cookware set comprised of three layers of aluminum sandwiched between stainless steel. This not only adds durability to the cookware but also helps distribute heat more evenly throughout the dish. The cookware set is made of fry pans, a four-quart saute pan, saucepans, and an eight-quart stock pan. Both the Brandless Pro Blender and the new cookware set can be found at

As a company, Brandless has made waves with its product design and customer service. If this new blender competes with the Vitamix in functional use as well as in specs, then the home kitchen industry might be in for a shakeup. Either way, it will be interesting to see how this newcomer to the industry performs compared to established, popular brands like Vitamix.

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