Vinophiles will rejoice at the new wine cellars debuting at IFA 2017

Vinophiles, take note. You are now able to store all the wine your heart desires in your home thanks to four new wine cellars that have made their debut at IFA 2017. So if you were wondering where to put your umpteenth case of rosé, wonder no more — these wine coolers will hold all the fermented beverages your heart desires.

First up, there is the Climadiff PCLIP 250. Promising to be “endlessly adjustable,” this particular wine cellar is meant for any and every kind of wino. You can adjust between single and multi-temperatures, which means that you can either store and preserve your favorite bottles of wine, or age that particular vintage that you know just needs a little more time in a particular climate. You can also set different areas of the cellar to different temperatures. After all, a real connoisseur knows that there is no one-temperature-fits-all rule for wines, so why not satisfy the different needs of different bottles? Finally, the Climadiff cellar lets you stock up to 12 bottles vertically, so you do not have to worry about finishing every bottle you open every night.

Then, there is the La Sommelière LS38A, which promises to be as practical as it is smart. Thanks to its integrated vacuum pump system, you can preserve up to three opened bottles and, like the Climadiff, store them vertically. In fact,  this particular cellar is so confident in its preservation capabilities that it says you can keep your opened wines for up to three weeks in absolutely perfect condition. It is all thanks to a unique air-filtering system that prevents oxidation. In total, you can store 38 bottles of wine in the LS38A.

Finally, there are two cellars from Avintage. First up, the DHA305PA, which features automatic humidity control. This, the company says, is a crucial parameter for the aging of wine, as well as for controlling the overall climate of your cellar. An LCD screen shows you the humidity levels and will alert you to any discrepancies. Indeed, the Avintage is a cellar for a serious collector, capable of containing up to 294 bottles of wine. But if you’re not quite at that level, never fear — the Avintage also has the AVU8X, a mini version of the cellar. This little guy allows you to store up to eight bottles at the ideal serving temperature.

So drink your fill, friends. And when you can’t drink anymore, just put your leftovers in any one of these cellars.

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